Sometimes when I travel, I visit other post offices, especially if they seem interesting. And what could be more interesting than a Wall Street Office? Try to imagine what goes through such a place in the course of a busy day. It boggles my mind.

In France, the Post Office was where I could add minutes to my phone’s sim card. With the patience of a saint, the lady behind the desk – even as a line grew out of the door – not only sold me the requested number of minutes, but actually activated my phone with the codes from the sale. Wow!

And not a single person complained behind me. I did apologize – ‘pardonnez-moi’ – I managed to remember to say.

It’s interesting to discover what is sold at post offices around the world. Maybe our own needs a way to produce more income by selling some unusual services or products.

Our customers haven’t cared for that in the past, though. We once tried collectors’ items like coffee mugs and stuffed teddy bears in postal uniforms. I still have a pair with their mail pouches over their shoulders.

But there was an overall feeling among our customers that they didn’t want to wait to mail important packages while someone was trying to decide between the stuffed animals.

We listened. No more non-postal related merchandise.

What would you like to see offered at your post office? Espresso? Ten minute neck and shoulder massages? Flash drives? Trip information? A lounge to wait in while the people ahead of you are being served – perhaps with a buzzer like they give you at restaurants? Wine tastings?

Or is standing in line for basic services enough for you?

What about our debt – as in American Government not postal?

Could we think originally about this? Perhaps we could run a telethon? Make it preempt every channel until the money was raised. Or have a dinner for guests in the White House for substantial fees – all proceeds being thrown against the debt. Maybe we could have a single Sunday Offering to be collected at every Church across the nation.

I think it is time to get creative with ways to raise money. Both in the Postal Service and in the Government. Give the people a nice Fair and apply the proceeds. Perhaps the Postal Service could commemorate this with a collector stamp and every American could enjoy corn dogs and hay rides while helping with the crisis.

Let’s be original!

What is your idea?

Mont St. Michel Post Office

Mont St. Michel Post Office

Bowling Green & Wall Street Post Office in New York

Bowling Green & Wall Street Post Office in New York

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