Behind The Mask Launches Today!

“If I were not King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.” –Henri III 

Those are powerful words, but then Venice is a powerful draw.  I think it safe to conclude there is no other place in the world that is as steeped in history, still operating strictly on water or foot, and is a major tourist attraction, yet in danger of crumbling back into the sea.

I was so intrigued I wrote a novel set in Venice, with forays into Murano and Padua.  It’s launch is today! 

Read all about how I became inspired by Venetian charm on my publisher’s website. Click here for pictures and a brief insight into my journey!

Thank you!



  1. Congratulations. I’m got my copy downloaded on my Kindlefire. I’ll hopefully have a chance to read it soon.This is so exciting. I wish you tons of success. 🙂

  2. congratulations for your interesting blog!
    have a nice day,
    best regards from Italy
    (I hope you’ll come to visit my blog)

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