Appeasing the Christmas Tree Gods

How does one appease the Christmas tree gods? Why is it that the pre-lit twelve foot beauty that has performed brilliantly for seven years has suddenly become possessed by demons whose power must be derived by sucking the lights out on the tree. And after painstakingly replacing the ones that just went out, (and completely ruining my manicure), another set goes out. My son, fearing shortages that could spark a fire, would rather we had no tree than risk this one again. My husband is tired of the tall trees. I find something so delightful about enormous trees that I cannot imagine some short, squat thing would give me the same sense of holiday spirit. Besides, the tall ceiling we have in the living area makes things appear shorter than they are anyway. What is the compromise?
My husband said I should trust him to select another live tree, that he would check the trunk for knots and curves that could pull the tree over, and I agreed. So off to the tree lot he went!
Voila! He returns victorious, a full, ten foot fraser fir sticking slightly off the back tail gate of his enormous Dodge truck. He trims off the trunk and we carry it in the house, fix the stand and adjust the placement so that it stands perfectly straight and secure. It’s aroma is heavenly, no candle required, and we leave it to soak up as much water as it can before we start the decorating process.
If the tree gods are watching, I hope they have been appeased and will let this symbol of the season stand firmly in our home throughout this Christmas and New Year holidays!

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