In Defense of Airport Scanners

I’m amazed at all the uproar in America concerning the new scanners at airports. We have suddenly become a nation concerned about a little radiation exposure. Or have we? I question this because I rarely see anyone who is without a cell phone, usually clamped tightly to an ear. No concern about that radiation! Our food supply and mail are irradiated and the food supply in general, as we have come to know, is full of toxins, dyes, chemicals, hormones, salt, sugar. We smoke cigarettes that have allowances for extra toxins such as arsenic, like tobacco isn’t toxic enough by itself. We drink wine that is required to contain sulfites, (totally different from the wine in other countries). Just try finding a nice merlot that doesn’t contain sulfites! Even our water supply reeks of chlorine unless you are lucky enough to live in a rural area with access to your own well and that has problems too. Lots of hard water in my area. We have a filtration system but it is a bit crude, not a sophisticated cycling system which tends to be rather expensive. The power lines that crisscross our nation produce a crackling noise as the energy passes through the lines and nothing grows underneath them. Wonder what kind of radiation is coming from there. We also play fast and loose with our skin care. I wonder how many people apply sunscreen daily and if it is the right kind. (There were studies released this past summer indicating that products containing a form of vitamin A, which was almost all of the available sunscreens, actually accelerated skin cancer.) Did you hear about that? Did people picket outside the pharmacy or big box chains like wal-mart demanding safer products to protect against radiation from the sun? No and no. Which is why I really doubt the sincerity of the concern over airport scanners. Maybe we are tired of the ridiculousness of their methods, but anything else might imply that a group of people were being targetted. So, as long as we are willing to expose ourselves to a plethora of poisons and sources of radiation, let’s give the airport security workers a break and just get the darn scan. And if you’re really concerned about overexposure to radiation then let’s talk. Maybe we can start a movement to remove mercury from our fish, formaldehyde from our rugs and cut down on amounts of radiation from other sources so that we can all feel safe about risking a little scan at the airport.


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