Scented candles; you are either a fan or you’re not, but I’ve recently discovered a new fragrance blend that I find beguiling. It is meant to capture the aroma of a wood burning fire. And it is rather close to the real thing. Well, at least as close as you can get with wax in a glass container. However, those of us who have moved to fireplace inserts that burn gas instead of wood, find that although you can get some realistic crates and logs that have charred looking dark specks indicative of a live fire, the lack of scent to go along with the visual is still somehow a bit lackluster. If you are one of those people, look around for the campfire scented candles or those that smell like cedar or autumn leaves. Turn up the flame on the fireplace, switch on your tree lights and light a yule-log-candle and the ambiance will deliver you to the Christmas of your memories or dreams.