Gingerbread House/Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn at Asheville, NC is abuzz with activity during this time of year. The entries, winners and placers in the gingerbread house competition are on display. Unbelievable talent from youth, teen, and adult categories has resulted in creative uses of everything from shredded wheat to home baked fence posts. Sugar and flour has been turned into Noah’s Ark and a Faberge Egg. How many hours of intense focus dreamed up these edible concoctions? What stress in traveling here with fragile filigree and ornaments for trees that give landscaped details to their projects? The public appreciates their efforts. They are lined up four rows deep in front of the glass cases to admire the handiwork of young and old. There are many with ribbons but they are all winners in the eyes of those of us less crafty. Congratulations to all!

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