White Christmas

Here in the foothills of North Carolina, snow at Christmas is rare. We tally the years we’ve seen a few flakes even if the ground doesn’t get a fluffy white blanket of snow. Now, we can add 2010 to that tally, as it has started snowing! What a gift from the universe. Yesterday the temperature was in the upper fifties. Although the weather forecast did predict a few flakes for Christmas, it seemed unlikely. But when the sun came up, only soft light poured through the thick grey clouds. The air had the right feel for snow, but dare we dream? The first flakes could have been a trick of the mind, playful random scattered dots that could not be focused upon. Now, they have been joined by enough snowflakes to make it obvious. Will it be a dusting? A blanketing? Or just these errant teasing sprinkles, soft as powdered sugar? We’ll have to wait and see! Aaah…anticipation is keeping us waiting!

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