Although it is 6:30 AM, it is still dark outside, but there is a glow emanating from the deep, deep snow. I switched on outside lights and verified that yes, it continues to accumulate. I’m guessing it is already over a foot deep but I didn’t venture out to accurately measure. I can see the depth of it stacked up on the deck chairs and tables. How can there be a single flake left in the atmosphere? I suppose this supports the old adage of being careful about what you wish for. As soon as it stops, I’ll go out and take a few pictures. Perhaps we’ll build a bonfire, roast some hotdogs and marshmallows, make a snow man and go sledding. We have a few good hills for that. This all makes a lot of extra work for my husband who is a farmer. His job doesn’t end because it is Christmas or there is a ton of snow. He’ll have to change the blades on his tractor and get out the skid steer, clearing a path as he goes. If it is as usual, he will voluntarily clean up the parking lot at the Church a mile out the road, the fire department beside of it, and several other driveways in between. He is thoughtful in that way, a southern gentleman. I’ll have to make sure he keeps hot beverages; coffee, hot chocolate, mulled cider; and I’ll keep you updated on this Christmas snow storm.