Another Severe Weather Day

The temperatures aren’t rising and the snow and ice continue to pound us. Yesterday, the event was mostly snow with only periods of sleet mixed in. Today, we are having more ice than snow and even the drizzle is frozen. As a mail carrier by day, I must bear the elements and continue as if the roads aren’t hazardous. I’ve worked for the USPS or United States Postal Service for 21 years. The first nine of these were part time. I only remember once during all of this time that our office was forced to close. That was during the blizzard of March of 1993 when we received nearly two feet of snow and had drifts that were impassable. Hurricane Hugo interfered with our ability to deliver, due to downed trees and power lines, but the attempt was made. If you receive mail at your residence, take a few moments to think of the efforts of those who bring it to you. And pray for warmer weather!

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