Artisan Pizza

My family thinks I make the best pizza in the world! They are so nice. They are also hungry rascals who wouldn’t say otherwise even if it went horribly awry. However, it is something I can make without a recipe and that includes the crust.

I love the fragrance from proofing the yeast, the feel of kneading the dough, the anticipation of waiting for it to rise, then kneading it again before pressing it out onto a perfectly aged pizza stone that is slick from time, use, and seasoning. Sometimes I add parmesan cheese to the dough or a little freshly chopped rosemary. The cheese is a great accompaniment to traditional pepperoni, the rosemary is better with a mushroom melange.

I don’t use too much sauce, just enough to give the mozzarella somewhere to go. Then I top the cheese with whatever toppings I have on hand. Sometimes I make a cheeseburger pizza with browned meat and cheddar cheese. Other times it is a traditional Marguerita Pizza with only mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. I can always be relied on to have a couple of pots of basil growing in my kitchen window. Even in winter. Right now there are two scraggly pots that have only a couple of dozen leaves, but that is enough to give a fragrant hit to the top of my pie.

But our favorite is a combination pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushroom and olive. Oh my! The aroma in the kitchen takes me right back to Italy as I inhale its smoky, meaty, herbal scent mixed with the yeasty crust and tangy cheese.

Add a little green salad and a nice Italian wine and dinner is a treat. I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t appreciate my pizza but they also like my Parisian Chicken, which deserves its own blog! Yum! Now we all know where those extra five pounds came from! Bon appetite!

artisan pizza

artisan pizza

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