Last night I was quietly working on an article when suddenly a pecking noise began to interfere with my thoughts. I arose from the desk and flipped the switch that activates the outside lights. For a moment it looked as if thousands of Swarovski crystals were falling from the sky, bouncing off the decking and wrought iron table and chairs. It was beautiful for the few moments before I internalized that it meant hazardous driving conditions yet again.

I wasn’t expecting the freezing precipitation. The weather forecasters were all predicting warmer temperatures and a little rain overnight. So much for guessing about the things we have no control over!

As the night wore on, I found myself going to the door repeatedly. The pecking of sleet eased a little and turned to snow/sleet mixture and eventually just snow. It must not have lasted very long because when I arose this morning, and naturally went straight for the glass doors and the light switch, the coverlet of snow looked more like cotton batting than a heavy, thick blanket.

But it is the initial layer of ice underneath that gives me concern for the day ahead. I’ll be able to tell more about it when the sun rises, however this is my morning quiet time before the rest of the household rises and the noise and the demands of the day take over my life and my mind. I’ll keep you posted.

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