The Best Things About Blogging

There are several things about blogging that I think are fantastic. Reading the blogs of family and friends keeps you in touch with their lives in a real, meaty way that the occasional e-mail or phone call cannot. Perhaps it is the connection with their thoughts and feelings, their perceptions and ideas.

Then there is the realization that people you don’t know are reading your blog and you are reading those of perfect strangers. It is especially satisfying when you get readers from other countries paying attention to your blog and making suggestions or comments. It adds another layer to your life particularly if you enjoy traveling, as I do.
And you can begin to understand how much alike we all are. Our surroundings and circumstances may be varied, but our humanity is the same.

My favorite aspect of blogging though, is how it is keeps me centered and in contact with my own life. Journals can do this too, but with no accountability to others who might be reading it, there isn’t the same need to it every day. Knowing that something is expected from me, I pay attention to my life, as though an observer as well as participant and that is a gift to me as I am sure those who have been doing this long before me have discovered.

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