Monitoring Facebook Profiles

Social media. It’s suppose to be the road to connectivity. Right? Then why are we becoming paranoid about who reads our profiles, checks out our page, hits the ‘like’ button too often.

There has been a recent notification from a facebook friend on the way to find out who is looking at my profile. My response was, ‘great’. Isn’t that the point?

However, other friends are put off with the concept that people are looking at their profile. At least the people they don’t want to see it.

So why be on facebook or any other social media? I thought that was the point. Don’t our close friends and family already know the basics? And if you want a small contact group, you can set that up with privacy settings.

Personally, I would rather not be involved with social media sites than to feel like I had to monitor who sees my activity or how often people check me out.

So go ahead and help yourself to anything I put into the ether-sphere. If it is insanely personal, private, or information that I don’t want to share, I’ll just keep it to myself. No need to monitor the people who are monitoring me. In fact, I like being checked out and if I find you interesting, I’ll check you out too. See ya on facebook!

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    1. Okay, I didn’t proof very well: It’s “report,” and the mouth on my smiley face was entered in text and automatic smiley face ate the right paren.

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