A Reunion From A Reunion

A couple of months ago, I attended my thirty year high school reunion. It will be forever burned in our memories as I accidentally set the centerpiece on fire. Let’s just say that votive candles and paper confetti make for a dangerous mixture and leave it at that.

However, the little incident took all of the adults in the room right back to our childhoods and laughter and story telling commenced.

A friend who I had lost touch with sat down at our table and it was as if zero time had passed since our last conversation. Last night we met for dinner at the local Applebees and spent five hours catching up with each others’ lives, children, travel, siblings, careers; all the things we thought we would always know about each other.

The thing that amazes me most, is that we both are returning to where we thought we would be. Translation: we were born with gifts and dreams of how to use them, then caved in to the recommendations and pressures of those we deemed wiser than ourselves. Or perhaps we let the negative comments seep in, drip slowly into our psyches until we were convinced that we should do something else.

Life is definitely a circle and we have orbited the full range of possibilities and returned to our true selves. Oprah was right when she said that your forties will realign you with your spirit and calling.

As for future class reunions, we had so much fun that we decided to start meeting every year as opposed to every five or ten. And a fireman has been permanently assigned to my table.

Author Second From Left

Author Second From Left

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