We sometimes wonder why we are keeping the property in Virginia. We work so hard and so much that there is precious little time left over to even enjoy it.

The specialty hay crop, alfalfa and orchard grass, has been devastated by the grazing deer. We barely break even, in the first couple of years, suffered a loss. Time spent at the cabin, though, always makes it seem worthwhile.

It had been weeks since we drove up to spend the night, until yesterday. Seeing an opening, we quickly departed for Bland. We arrived around twilight, could see the blaze of orange across the mountain ridges as the sun gave off its final rays. It should be a great weekend as the snow wasn’t too deep and we could go for a long hike.

As it happened, we had no power and were not sure how long it had been off. The cabin was ice cold as we have electric heaters to maintain a low, but above freezing temperature while we are away. But we cheat where the fireplace is concerned, using gas logs that ignite with the push of a button. Voila! Instant heat. When we leave, there is a comfort in hitting the off button and not having to worry about smoldering embers.

As I am on the phone with our power provider, my husband begins to light the candles and dig out flashlights and lanterns. Dark is great for viewing the stars, but stubbed toes are no fun. And now we are waiting on the service truck.
The dinner I’ve planned is impossible to prepare without power and we haven’t eaten since breakfast. So we have a salad, cheese, crackers and wine. No cooking, no mess, probably better for us.

Power is finally restored around 9:00 pm. Stacy, with Appalachian Power, is a hero. He had to walk in on foot to the transformer because drifts across the service area were too deep for even his truck. A million thanks!

Today is promising to be lovely, cold but sunny. I’ve had my coffee and a cheese danish prepared by rolling up cream cheese in a crescent roll, baking at 350 degrees, then icing with a little powdered sugar and milk mixture. Sometimes I add a fruit preserve, but my husband likes them plain. So tasty, so easy, little mess. That’s how I like to do meals when we’re here.

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