Winter’s Vineyard

Winter's Vineyard

Winter’s Vineyard

A neighboring landowner has planted a small experimental vineyard. The wildlife love it! I don’t think that was the intent but it is the sad reality. However, I also like it; I like the stark sculpture of the barren limbs reaching out like a spinning ice skater, twisted, knotted, frail. This winter vine is nothing like its green summer fullness or fall ripeness with brown tinged leaves and hanging purple fruit. It bears no decoration.

I admire this man’s tenacity, and am thinking about a similar endeavor. Over the past twenty years, the wine industry has boomed in North Carolina, especially here in the Yadkin Valley Region. Our climate is similar to Napa Valley and the rocky hillsides perfectly sloped to give the vines their best opportunity for struggle, and therefore, the deepest roots. The deeper the root, the more protection from too much or too little rain fall. The cool night breezes in the summer also attribute to vine success. Grapes grown in our region have been supplying vineyards all over North Carolina, especially the coastal regions where they have been unable to maintain any vines beyond the native muscadine.

Wineries have been popping up in the strangest of places, everything from enormous Italian Villas to simple country farmhouses. The Swan Creek wineries have gotten their own appellation within the Yadkin Valley, a specialty region within a region.

Tourism has been picking up as people take ‘tasting tours’ around the area. Hotels have sprung up to meet the demand. This is good. As the economy may prevent flying off to the west coast for such a tour, one can easily be obtained closer to home. Vans are available to pick up clients and drive them around, bringing them safely back after a day spent swirling and spitting. Weddings are being held in their gazebos, girlfriend outings are common, as are visits from curiosity seekers.

In future posts, I’ll outline various vineyards and wineries for you. Then perhaps you will come to our enclave of nectar producing hills and valleys.

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