New River Trail State Park

The New River isn’t ‘new’ at all. In fact, it is the oldest river in North America and considered second oldest in the world; the Nile taking the top spot. It is a also a Heritage River and flows north, an unusual direction. Scientists and geologists attribute this to the upheaval of the surrounding mountains which are younger than the river, estimated to be between ten and three hundred sixty million years old.

I can’t wrap my head around numbers that large, but I can clearly enjoy its beauty and serenity. And you can too!

Right now, leafless trees and faded grass let the river be the star of the landscape. And if you visit, and like what you see in the winter, then you’ll love it in the spring, summer, and fall. A warm winter day is perfect for taking a horseback ride or going for a long hike. During other seasons, enjoy taking a canoe through the water, fishing, swimming or camping.

One site, Foster Falls, Virginia, has fifty seven miles of trails to explore, boat launch, campsites including horse campsites, and local points of interest including the Shot Tower. Check this park out. (276) 699-6778

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