An Hour Spent With a Tech Specialist

There are times when we have to accept our limitations and embrace asking for help. A few of the issues that I have been having with my new computer, dual routers, wireless components and availability of easy share buttons, just to name a few, seemed to be worth the investment of hiring a tech to come out to my house and tweak everything enough to smooth out the edges for me.

I thought it might make me feel stupid, but he had a few of the same problems that I had been having with installing the wireless printer, probably because I tinkered with it first. He also assured me that I had installed the buttons for easy share, they were just hidden. And he showed me a few cool tricks with my computer as well as answering my questions. It was absolutely worth the money spent.

For those of you who want to use a similar program, I went through Staples. I chose their service even though it was slightly more expensive because I needed a little help from several different categories. With most service techs, one particular theme is handled at a time. So installation would be one theme, learning to set up a website might be another, etc. I wanted to cherry pick items from an array of categories and get it all done in one visit. This worked well for me. So to Staples I say, “That was easy!”

I hope to get more time writing now that I have cleared up some computer problems. All of my free time has gone toward the new equipment and I was beginning to think that it was a hindrance instead of an aid for me. Of course, now I have a lot of transferring of information to do before the new computer is ready on its own. But I know how to do that.

Some writers shun the whole computer universe, writing by hand then typing their manuscripts out on old typewriters or hiring someone to do that for them. Maybe creative minds aren’t wired for the technicalities of computers. But in the modern era, I can’t imagine using anything else. And if I get stuck again, I’m hiring another tech at least for an hour.

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