Ginseng Tea, Kombucha Tea Drops and D-3

There has been an outbreak of flu and strep throat in our area. Some local hospitals have banned visitors in an effort to protect their patients as the most contagious period is prior to symptoms. A sneaky little bug, indeed!

Several of my friends and co-workers have fallen ill, most with children who brought it home from school. I have decided that our schools are four dimensional petri dishes for scientific experiments. And a lot of parents will cart sick children to ballgames of a sibling, Wal-Mart, and the grocery store. It boggles the mind.

One friend called to say she wouldn’t be at work because her son had the flu. She was perplexed as she and her children all obtained flu vaccines as soon as they were available. I wasn’t surprised. Every time I have taken the vaccination, I have had the worst winters of sickness including flu. Once it was so bad that I had to be hospitalized for intravenous fluids.

My doctor sneers. He says the vaccine doesn’t give anyone the flu. He’s right about that. But what does it do?

In my opinion, the flu vaccine has the power to weaken the immune systems of many of us, thus making us ideal recipients of whatever blows our way, bacterial, viral. The years I obtained the vaccine and my husband and son did not, were the ones where I would be the only one getting sick. And if it was so hard to resist, how did they resist getting it from me?

For the past three years I’ve taken vitamin D-3 all winter, used hand sanitizer routinely, and sprayed all the door knobs with Lysol on a regular basis. I spray my car, carry my own ink pens, and use the sani-wipes on store cart handles.

Yesterday, with the reports of flu increasing, I visited my local health food store. I’m adding ginseng tea to my regimen. (It’s also suppose to help increase energy.) And to the tea, I’m adding something new. It’s called Kombucha tea drops and it is derived from a fermented mushroom concoction mixed with green tea; very Eastern. I also picked up some local sourwood honey to sweeten it up with. We had some last night and it wasn’t bad. The tea had a definite ginger flavor but was a little weak. So tonight I think I’ll mix in an additional tea bag, maybe Lady Grey.

We’ll see if it works. Sometimes I think it is all about luck, but if I can avoid the flu this season, I’m chalking it up to D-3, ginseng tea, and Kombucha drops!

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