What is Happening in Wisconsin

What is going on in Wisconsin? I’ve been trying to understand why Governor Walker, tea party candidate, would suddenly want less representation for his people. Although I don’t profess to know everything the tea party stands for, I thought its basic core was more representation. Perhaps that is another ‘opposite’ title, like ‘No Child Left Behind’ or the ‘Patriot Act’, where they actually mean education is going to suffer and you won’t have the right to do anything about it.

I’m also trying to discern the thinking behind giving tax breaks to the big businesses in Wisconsin, creating a deficit, that the state employees are now expected to pay for. And they will have no representation if their union is blocked by Walker’s legislation, effectively busting their union, or leaving them completely impotent.

I’ve just seen the statement issued by Republican tea party governor, Scott Walker, who admits he intends to do away with collective bargaining for the state workers. Why? What is he afraid of discussing at a bargaining table?

Are his debating skills that weak?

Are his values dependent on who presents his campaign with the most funding? Maybe we can ask his wealthy supporters, the Koch family.

Or maybe, we can just call Scott Walker, Tea Party Robin Hood. In opposite-ville, that means he takes from the poor and gives to the rich!

Let’s all support our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.

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