March-ing to Spring

By the calendar it is still winter, and will be for the next two weeks. But the warm temperatures and soft rain makes it feel like spring. The grass is turning greener, the trees are budding, spring blooms bobble in the wind. Each new flower is a gift, a congratulatory prize that celebrates making it through winter’s rough treatment. The driveway bears a reminder of its ice and snow with a couple of potholes that we’ll soon have to fix.

Inside, my house plants have dusty leaves, thirsty fronds. They get to enjoy the spring rain too, after I set them out on the deck to get a proper soaking. I can almost hear their whispers of ‘thank you’, as much to me as to the rain.

Of course, we can’t be sure that winter has finished with us. Sometimes, we have our biggest snowfalls in March. But as each day passes with comfortable temperatures, we give a little cheer. We are March-ing to spring and we couldn’t be happier!

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