Dear Charlie,
For days I have been watching your descent into a world far removed from normality. Except for the first couple of interviews, I have not sought these out. They bombard the radio, internet, entertainment news, and even the nightly news shows. You seem to get a high from this, when in reality, it is a low point.

You have just released the statement declaring yourself free to find what makes you happy. But are you really free? Does being unemployed make one free? Being divorced but living with two young women? Missing your daughter’s birthday? Waving goodbye to your twins? Is freedom the product of frenzied rants?

You repeatedly announce that you are winning? Seriously? What are you winning Charlie? Fans who follow you on Twitter are doing so out of curiosity or humor because of the one man side show you have been performing. Tomorrow, they could just as easily unfollow you. And your ‘goddesses’ do not have your best interest at heart. Rethink those two.

Of course, if you were able to rethink things, it would probably begin long before the pair entered your life. If not, think again.

And what about the drug use? Isn’t it illegal? Couldn’t someone intervene on those charges alone? I’m afraid you’ve lost perspective on what drug use is and what is necessary to ‘win’ the battle of addiction.

So what is the true reflection of a ‘winning’ man?

A man who loves his family, is a steady influence of honor and takes pride in his work is my definition of a man who is winning. Perhaps he doesn’t have as many houses as you, but those too are subject to being taken away, especially if the afore mentioned unemployment leaves you unable to pay the taxes or maintain them. A ‘winning’ man doesn’t bring shame to his family, disrespect his wife, or declare those who are trying to help, ‘trolls’ and ‘warlocks’.

I haven’t figured out if you are still using, are suffering chemical dependency withdrawals, or just mentally unstable. Perhaps it is a mixture of these things. But you need help and you need to leave the ‘goddesses’ and your enablers behind in order to have a next chapter that is truly a winning one.

Perhaps you need to come sit on our mountaintop and breathe fresh air, commune with Mother Nature, marvel at something worth being awed by like the sunrise and the early morning fog rising from the ridges like smoking fires. Come practice yoga poses on the deck, watch for bears exiting their dens and stretching out in the sunshine, take a walk in the spring rain, witness a real star or a million of them ablaze in the night sky in a place where extraneous light sources are nonexistent. Your mind needs a break from the frenzy, your body needs rest and sleep. There is no place in the brain where sleep isn’t necessary and the lack of it could be causing your delusions.

If you continue on the course you have programmed, a sort of automatic manic state of perpetual ‘tiger blood’, the only marker declaring your victory as a winner will be the one at your grave site. Take the next step toward true freedom, a substance free life where gratitude is as important to you as self agrandisement. If not our mountain, find one somewhere. I hear Tom Cruise has a nice secluded spot, as does Ted Turner and Robert Redford. Call your dad, he’ll help you.

Let the talk shows find guests that they respect, ones they don’t laugh at even during the interviews. You have too much real talent to prostitute yourself for the sake of their ratings. You have small children with large eyes and ears absorbing your behavior like thirsty leaves absorbing the dew. It may seem to sit apart from them, but eventually it soaks in. Give them a better source of sustenance. Give yourself an honorable life. Give the public performances that are not sad takes on your floundering existence. Give us all a break!

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