What Can We Learn From Disaster in Japan

Our planet is suffering an onslaught of natural disasters. Over the past year we have seen floods in Australia, earthquakes in New Zealand, mud slides in Costa Rica, and snow so thick and deep in the United States that parts of it were paralyzed. And now we have this horrific earthquake induced tsunami that has wiped out parts of Japan taking more lives with it than we can yet know. And the nuclear power plant is still leaking radiation and threatening a complete meltdown or explosion. This is on the heels of the oil leak in the gulf, which is still leaking, volcanic emissions in Europe, and the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.

What is the planet trying to tell us?

Politicians still argue over the possibility of global warming, but are they scientists? The scientists seem to be in agreement that there is no doubt about this phenomenon. I suppose there isn’t any money in scientific acknowledgment for their campaigns. They don’t even want to discuss the disaster known as ‘fracking’ which literally cracks open the earth’s shell in order to have the natural gas expelled, which then pollutes the water supply. Yikes!

I think we had better look a little deeper into alternative power, regardless of what our heavily endorsed politicians tell us. We have been given three natural sources of energy; solar, water, wind. Why are we not utilizing these instead of building more nuclear hazards waiting for the complete destruction of our planet? The only answer I have is that the powerful utilities cannot make money on the sun or the wind, so it isn’t in their financial interest to do so. And our economic condition is such that solar panels and wind turbines are too expensive right now for the individual who is suddenly paying nearly double for a gallon of gas. Our retirements have been robbed and our investments have plummeted. There isn’t much left for us to construct our own power plants.

Yet, as Japan faces its moment of crisis, we need to look ahead to what could be our own. Can we afford not to provide more alternative power sources?

This morning I heard that our nation was looking into supplying every citizen with iodine capsules to counteract the possibility of radiation poisoning in the event of a rupture here. Really? That’s the response? Can we truly keep building more nuclear facilities while handing out iodine?

Where are our brightest minds? There has to be a better solution than duct tape around the windows and five gallons of water! How about doing away with the possibility that we might need iodine capsules and a ‘Silkwood’ shower! Let’s not fail to learn a very valuable lesson from our friends in Japan. Mother Nature is waiting for our response.

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