The Promises of Spring

Today is the first full day of spring, having arrived late yesterday according to the equinox. But I don’t need a calendar to know that spring swept in. She announced her arrival in purple blossoms of the early blooming rhododendrons, the deliciously scented pink hyacinth, happy groups of daffodils, and tiny lavender petals of the periwinkle that grow low to the ground.

These gifts are like promises. The earth is being renewed before my eyes, reborn like an infant. It is the season of youth and beauty and just like the spring promise, I can feel some primeval pull that brings hope and energy.

Careers can be reborn, health restored, youth revitalized within us. We can be our best selves, regardless of the winter we have been through. We can learn to shine through brokenness, and find the purpose we have been sent to fulfill. We can honor our roots and achieve our deepest desires, but only if we can learn to bloom where we have been planted.

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