Beeping, Buzzing, and Chiming

We seem to have become a nation summoned by beeping. At least I have. This was made all too apparent to me this morning when everything seemed to be summoning me at once. The blame must be shared by me, as it is partly my own fault for multitasking, but who among us does not?

So, with a chicken defrosting in the microwave, and clothes in both the washer and dryer, I turned my attention to the chopping of vegetables. Alas, the dryer buzzed its completion and to prevent dreadful wrinkling of those garments, I rinsed off my hands and proceeded to laundry room. No sooner had I begun hanging and folding, than the microwave began beeping. Apparently the chicken wished to be turned over, which I felt could wait a minute or two. Then the phone began to ring and as the number was ‘unknown’ I was certain it was a telemarketer and ignored it. Of course the answering machine clicked on and the caller hung up, sans message. But, the message recorder picked up the click and perceived it as a waiting message and you guessed it, began to beep in order to alert me that the hang up was waiting for me to listen to. Geez!

Persistent microwave is still beeping, so is the answering machine and now the washer is beeping as the clothes in it have finished spinning. A ping comes across my blackberry; new message is received there as well, and my son comes through the side door causing alarm to chime and then beep. Have mercy!

Have the appliances and securities taken over my life? Even at restaurants we are given buzzers instead of being called by name. The photo center buzzes when our pictures are ready and doors buzz us inside. We were even given a buzzer at the Imaging Center where my husband recently had an MRI. Yikes!

At least for now, I’m at my BEEPING wits end. Perhaps I’ll buy some ear plugs, but then again, how would I know when the clothes are ready or the casserole is done? Buzz me if you have the answer!



  1. I thought I pcommented earlier. In fact, I received an email to myself that I had. As a result, I can try again now!

    “Chuckling. Too many buzzers saying me me me me me. Not sure which is
    worse, the continuing reminders or the beepers which beep once and if
    you miss it, tough luck. Most of mine are the latter, except for the
    dryer, which tosses the dried laundry every five minutes, then buzzes,
    for awhile, to keep wrinkles from setting up.

    “Have a quiet day!”

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