On the cusp of the government shut-down, Donald Trump is appearing on every outlet that will give him the air time to pre-campaign for the 2012 elections. At least I hope it is early campaigning and not a shot at free publicity for the Apprentice.

And he chooses to use it by waving around a birth certificate or certificate of birth?


I remember when we called this mega- mogul tycoon deal maker: The Donald! I have all of his books. His philosophy on making presidential administrations work for you, instead of bemoaning their faults, has been a high point for me where politics is concerned. (Although I still reserve the right to complain on occasion.)

His life is already splashed about the headlines on a pretty routine basis, so I don’t think he is hiding much. His children are clearly an asset; poised, respectful, and very well spoken and good looking. His wife is smart, gorgeous and could bring a nice international flare to the office. I’m thinking he would make a great candidate for the republican party for 2012.

So why is he squandering opportunity?

Even if the semantics of the birth certificate prove President Obama to have questionable ‘native’ citizenship – and I think that is such a stretch as to be incalculable – what are we going to do, roll back time? Although I would love to be three years younger, I don’t think this is an option.

Let’s move forward.

I think ‘The Donald’ is missing the link that the rest of us are facing as ordinary citizens. Friends are staring at unpaid leave. Our military – already underpaid – is facing slashed wages. Travel season is beginning with gas prices nearing $4.00 a gallon. National Parks and Passport Processing Centers may be temporarily closed. People depending on their tax refund checks will be disappointed. The choice of buying medicine, food, or gas in which to make the trip to get aforementioned items, could become more prevalent.

I don’t really see the birth certificate as our number one priority and I think it diminishes Mr. Trump’s chances of success in politics to focus on such a matter.

Seriously, I want to know how he would keep the country running, avoid shut-downs, reduce deficits, beef up security so that terrorists don’t get into the states to begin with, handle international policy, withdraw us from the war front, deal with the health care crisis and provide better quality education.

The Donald will only run if he can win, and he will only win if he puts down the birth certificate and picks up his game of being CEO of America.

Show us your stuff Donald Trump. Tell me and the rest of America why you deserve our votes and what you will do with them. I don’t think you’ll get very many of our votes if all you have against President Obama is a piece of old paper or a piece of paper that is old.

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