Inside of a Wind Storm

We arrived at our cabin in Virginia beneath menacing clouds. The wind kicked up with ever increasing speed. A grouse, disturbed from its safety, tried to race across the field beside of us, its crested head sticking out in front of it as its tiny legs were propelled forward by the fierce winds. Back into the pines on the other side, and to safety once again. But my husband laughed over how much it reminded us of the roadrunner. I went out to the deck and felt the weight of the wind against my own body and sympathized with the little grouse.

The wind continued to grow and my sleep was disturbed by its fierceness. High wind warnings have been issued for this area and we can only hope it doesn’t have the same consequence as last week’s storm that spawned tornadoes in the neighboring county of Pulaski. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and power was disrupted as trees and power lines toppled.

This morning as I write this, rain has joined the wind party. Shards of it hit the windows and doors like dangerous entities. The wind is even more ominous with the driving rain.

We intended to plan our driveway repairs, hike, troll the forest for wild mushrooms, and enjoy the milder temperatures out on the deck. We brought steaks and charcoal. Good thing I had pasta and some chicken in the freezer. We certainly won’t be partaking of life outside of the cabin.

It’s a little cooler than expected as well. Our little fireplace keeps things toasty for us but getting any exercise today seems unlikely. Hopefully tomorrow will at least grant us a pardon from the storms and we can proceed then with what needs to be accomplished.

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