Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out

The storms over the weekend caused my focus to shift indoors. It is time to flip mattresses, and move furniture to allow every nook and cranny to be dust free. The heat pump has already been switched to air conditioner but the filter will need to be changed. The outer clothing hanging in the garage gets to be put away, the studded snow tires sent to storage, the space heater that keeps the old dog warm can be turned off – even at night.

Attention to detail on the inside helps me forget the mess on the outside. A dusting of yellow pollen is appearing everywhere. It runs in thin lines after the rain and settles like a choking entity on the deck furniture and front porch swing. Somehow it has even made its way into the mailbox. There is no point in trying to clean it off yet. More will just take its place. That’s the price we pay for living out in the country near trees and blooming shrubs.

I’m thinking about spring cleaning a few bad habits as well. Sporadic walks need to become daily and it would also help to add a few weights to my program. I’ve been distracted from my writing by the demands of life and need to return to long sessions of brainstorming. And I want to spend more time with friends. Isn’t it alarming to think how easily we are thrown off course by the random events of the day?

But spring’s gift of rebirth and youth is a reminder that we can shed our heavy mantle and approach life with renewed vigor. Everything in nature is new again. The grass is baby fine, the leaves are shooting out of buds on the tree limbs, ferns are popping up like little fiddles, hostas are peeking out through the pine needles and mulch, and weeds are beginning to choke the flower beds.


It seems early for weeds, but they are tenacious as well. Pulling weeds, pitching mulch, edging landscape beds, mowing grass – it’s a vicious circle! But one I don’t mind as the trade off is warmth and beauty. Perhaps that is part of spring cleaning as well – dusting off the way I perceive these tasks. Now that would truly would be a worthwhile scrubbing!

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