Dancing With The Stars Results

Kirstie and Maks won the judges over with Monday night’s tango, performing it again at their request for an encore. Passionate, seductive, and intense, it fulfilled every expectation of the Argentine Tango. And Kirstie is looking quite trim!

Then, paired with Hines and Kym, they awaited the decision on who would be safe. Hines was saved first, but Kirstie wasn’t kept in suspense for long. She too was saved.

The other three couples would have to wait for their results. Performances -both vocal and dance troupe – kept us all entertained. My favorite performer was Adele. She sang ‘Rolling in The Deep’, her recent hit. Michael Bolton – a previous contestant who was so insulted that he had to be officially apologized to – performed with Australian singer Delta Goodrem.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas were saved next. The young Disney star has musical instincts and everything she does is interesting and on the beat. And with a perfectly trim figure, she can pull off any crazy costume that they give her to wear.

So we were down to Romeo and Ralph. Ralph had slipped all the way to the bottom after his unfortunate injury. But his fans must have raced to his rescue. For it was Romeo, Romeo who had to go. The question for Ralph Macchio is whether or not he can withstand the strain of training and performing even more dances in next week’s semifinals. He’ll have to go deeply inward to find his inner ‘grasshopper’.

I can’t wait for the next competition. Hines Ward was held at gun point after confusion over a reported stolen car he was driving last week. Yet, the stress involved didn’t interfere with his style and smile on the dance floor. So he definitely has the nerves to bear the pressure.

Join me for the next chapter!

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