Asheville, NC and Writer’s Retreat At Lutheridge

Throw the rabbit in the briar patch – toss me in a group of writers, readers, editors, publishers – and I am like the starving woman feasting on bread and cheese.

I feel like a spectator among superstars.

E-publishing is the new normal as more and more readers turn to hand held devices that can download hundreds of books in less space than a single paperback novel. Those of us who love the tactile experience of physically turning pages and highlighting passages with external pens, will need to step up to the future where these things are done with a single keystroke.

Kindles, nooks, I-pads, are all providing the instant bookstore to people. Want to read the latest edition NOW? No need to wait for the postman. Just download and in minutes you can have every title and its contents at your fingertips. And an extra bonus – it is more cost efficient, i.e. less expensive for the customer.

I am from the old school. I like to hold a book in my hands. I like the smell of the pages, the sticky notes poking out in paces I mark. I like to see the spines of books I love lined up on the book case. Peter Walsh, the organizing guru, will never convince me to part with my treasured tomes.

For people like me, Print-on-Demand – or POD – is the next best option. It keeps costs low and still provides the reader with his or her book. And paperbacks are the star here. Hard covers will be on life support before long.

There is so much to know about the world of publishing. And here with The Wild Rose Press, I am quickly learning. Seminars are being offered on many different angles of writing and publishing, from how to lose an editor, to writing a great query letter, to the future of publishing. And the community of writers, editors, and publishers has been more than welcoming. I am looking forward to all of the classes today and will report back tomorrow!

Kohnjoy  Inn where most of our rooms are.

Kohnjoy Inn where most of our rooms are.

Efird Hall

Efird Hall

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