As Oprah does her last few shows, she is bringing out some interesting and unusual guests. One of them was Ralph Lauren and his Western Double RL Ranch complete with five Teepees.

Yes, you read that right – teepees. And if you didn’t see that show, let me try to describe them.

All five are gorgeous hand painted structures sitting out on an open field as though it were the sixteen hundreds and Native Americans were just outside of the view finder. But pull back the entrance flap, step inside, and the furnishings remove all doubt about the century you are in.

Of course, it’s Ralph Lauren, one of America’s premier designers and known for his use of western American decor and design. So expectations are high. And he does not disappoint.

There is one teepee just for children with what looks like – but may not be – antique toys, stuffed animals, child-sized furniture. There are different adult teepees, all with beds, sofas, lots of pillows, tables and lamps. (Do the Tiffany-style lamps require electricity and if so, where does it come from?)

I am besotted.

Now, I want a teepee!

Here is the question – who makes teepees? If I wanted to build one, where would I go to learn the art of teepee construction? Do they offer classes in this at the local community college? Can you hire a contractor for this? Does it have to meet a set of codes?

I have a perfect place for a teepee – the Virginia property we own. But would it stand up to the wind? Can black bears push it over or claw through it?

Right now I have more questions than answers. But I know that I want one and will keep searching for the information I need to make a good decision. If you know a good reputable teepee builder please provide information on how I could contact this person.

Perfect place for teepee in Virginia

Perfect place for teepee in Virginia

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