Front Porch Living

May is the perfect time to enjoy the front porch – whether from a well-cushioned swing, rocking chair or just sitting on the steps.

And the landscape wants to be observed. The irises are throwing off their final blooms as well as the peonies. But the roses are just beginning a profusion of color and the hydrangeas are only starting to form their giant mop heads – more green than blue, purple or pink in their infancy.

Foxgloves are sending up spires and the lavender that surrounds the old sun dial has long thin stalks of what will soon be fragrant purple blooms. Aaah! Spring!

The porch begs for a morning cup of coffee, afternoon glass of tea, or evening stem of wine. Add a book, newspaper, or magazine and darkness can fall before you realize it is time to go inside.

If you have a porch, don’t forget about it. It’s easy to let these days slip by without taking time for nature’s gifts and the soft light of the filtered sun through the porch covering. While our deck may be too hot in the midst of summer with the humidity making it feel more like a bread oven than an outdoor living space, the porch is a cool alternative – especially with the overhead circulating fans that I was sure to add to the construction for moments such as these.

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