Newest Family Member

Introducing our newest family member who arrived at 9:45 this morning. His name is John – John Deere – and though he isn’t a newborn, he’s certainly got a life in him.

That’s the way we feel about our farming equipment. They become part of the family. We still own the first tractor we ever bought. My husband refers to it as a New Holland 4630 – I call it the blue one. I think we agree that we’ll just call this latest addition – John.

My son is spending the day playing with it. It’s nice to see them getting along so well. I sent him a text this morning that said the stork had delivered something green and yellow to our farm. I heard tires squealing as he raced out to see it. He’s been filling me in on the radio stations, weather update channel, and air conditioning – things no farmer should ever be without.

As the word gets out throughout the community, other farmers come to visit. It’s a lot like bringing home a new baby – hence the announcement. I even thought of putting green and yellow balloons on the mailbox but decided that would be taking it a bit too far.

Next time I see this machine it will probably be covered in mud and cut stalks of tall grass. It’s time to plant crops and mow hay. And the boys can’t wait to go out to play with their new toy. Isn’t it nice to see people happily working!

Newest Family Member

Newest Family Member

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  1. How sweet!! I’m trying to figure out which parent supplied the dominant genes though. And it’s so nice that Caleb appears to have no sibling rivalry to deal with.

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