“Either write something worth reading about, or do something worth writing about.”

Benjamin Franklin, born more than three hundred years ago, left us with many valuable thoughts. Among them; “Either write something worth reading about, or do something worth writing about.

This one sticks with me as an all-time favorite.

There are so many television programs available to us today as well as movies on demand, that it is sometimes difficult to pull ourselves away from it. As a person recently addicted to ‘Dancing with the Stars’, I have to admit that I am glad it is over so that I can have Monday AND Tuesday nights back.

And then there was the Oprah saga with her last few shows ever reeling me in like a trout and leaving me sometimes as weak and floppy from crying over the heart wrenching stories or sad farewells.
So I have the four o’clock hour to add to my arsenal of additional time slots.

But the question becomes – what will I use that time for?

Summer can slip past us like a frightened cat, just gone before you know it. And there is yard work, and gardening, and keeping the dog groomed and a backyard grill going.

This year, my intention is to also follow good ole’ Ben’s advice and do interesting things as well as write about them. If his advice has stood the test of time so far, then it should be good for one more summer.

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  1. I’d never heard this quote before, but it’s a great one! That’s how I try to live 🙂

  2. I’m sure Benjamin’s advice worked for that summer, & still does.

    I was drawn by the title of this post, & not disappointed. It’s a great saying, & I did not know it was said by B Franklin. Great post 🙂

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