If you are looking for a breathtaking spectacular place for dinner – one that competes with The Eiffel Tower in Paris – travel down under to Auckland, New Zealand. There atop of the amazing Sky Tower on the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets, soaring 328 metres skyward, is a restaurant that completes a 360 degree rotation every hour. It is appropriately named ‘The Orbit’.

Along with the unbelievable and changing view of Auckland, is a menu of marvelous fare. The food is fresh and presented in such a way as to resemble a tower itself, one item topped with another, sprays of crispy fried herbs or shreds of vegetables topping the entire cuisine and sauce dotted and swirled about the plate.

Haute cuisine as art!

I had the roasted salmon fillet with saffron risotto cake and wilted spinach with smoked garlic and lime sauce. Yummy!

One caveat – you can lose your place in the restaurant if you leave the table and attempt to find your seat again. But what a small price to pay for the sight that surrounds you. For me, it felt like dining above the stars and floating around on a cloud while being served ambrosia.

The Orbit is definitely a dinner destination if you find yourself down under. But it is also reason enough to go to New Zealand.

Lately, I’ve been considering a trip back to NZ – namely the South Island as I only toured the North Island. Whenever I do venture there, you can bet I’ll be ‘Orbiting’ in Auckland!

Renee having dinner at the Sky Tower revolving restaurant.

Renee having dinner at the Sky Tower revolving restaurant.

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