I have to say that Casey Anthony’s verdict was a shock and surprise to me as well as most of the people I know. And by that, I mean every single person I know and every comment on the ABC News story about the verdict.

If you believe she was also a victim please leave a comment and tell me why you believe one of her many stories about the disappearance of her toddler.

Jurors are starting to defend their decision and seem to be confused about what their job was as a member of the jury. One said they couldn’t decide on a punishment if they couldn’t determine how Caylee died. But is it up to a juror to decide punishment? Absolutely not.

Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, was caught lying for Casey, and her father, George Anthony, was defiled by accusations of child abuse against her. For two people who started out so supportive for little Caylee, they have turned into pathetic parents. I don’t know how they could ever believe a child they raised could do such a heinous thing. Yet, in the beginning, they didn’t seem to have confidence in Casey either.

Many are comparing this case to the O. J. Simpson murder trial. However, I think it is totally different. Caylee was only two, she needed full time care. Someone should have been tending to her. There has to be someone who knows something.

Do you think Casey was arrested prematurely?

Do you think she is totally innocent or guilty?

Would you buy her book or watch a movie about her life?

Do you think Casey is a pathological liar?

Or do you think the verdict has been handed down and we should all just forget about it?

Rest in peace little Caylee.

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