My husband’s idea of a fabulous vacation is to tour the Western American states. Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Utah, etc. And he wants to do this is an RV.

I drive all day in my real life job. My idea of a fabulous vacation is anything besides driving around all day, every day, just to sleep in a tin can and have to prepare the food myself, clean the dishes, and make the bed. Yikes.

I agreed to look at campers though, and he agreed to let me choose the one I would be comfortable in.

Big mistake!

Have you seen the new RVs, travel trailers, and campers? Where have I been?

There were several that seemed really nice – lightweight, rock-like tile flooring, nice neutral colors. Then there was the ONE!

Do you recall the scene in ‘Christmas Vacation’ when Sparky – played by Chevy Chase – spies the tree in the forest that he desires to take home even though it was way too big? Well that was what it resembled.

A huge light beam from heaven illuminated the whole space and I knew this was it – the camper even I could be happy in.

It was a Montana fifth wheel with master suite – king bed, tv over bureau, cedar closet, bathroom right off the side – skylight over shower, double door refrigerator, granite countertops, cherry cabinets, a desk with chair, four chairs around a granite table, two recliners in the back, ceiling fans, a wide screen tv, and a fireplace! I could totally see myself sitting at Yellowstone or Alaska, a little fire going in the fireplace, having a glass of wine in the recliner, my computer sitting at the desk, watching a movie on the wide screen tv.

I ask again; where have I been?

With the camper selected, we moved to pricing. This is where I needed a tranquilizer. It was nearly $70,000.00. I’m not joking.

If we were retired and we planned to spend half the year traveling, I could justify the cost. But to take one vacation and a few long weekends a year in a $70,000.00 trailer seems ridiculous. Besides, we have the cabin in Virginia and rarely get there except when work needs to be done.

But having seen what a camper can be, I don’t think I can ever be happy in the basic pull behind.

As for the Winnebagos, the $250,000.00 RV, I knew better than to even look inside.

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