Last year the unrest among the youth was in Paris. This year it is London. Where will the next displays of unhappiness appear? Will it be Chicago? New York? Or in your own backyard?

Do you remember being seventeen or twenty? Wasn’t the world full of hope and possibility? If our youth is so terribly disenfranchised are we to blame?

What is our legacy to our children and grandchildren?

Suddenly I have more questions than answers. But I do know that the ‘isms’ as in sexism, racism, class-ism, take a toll on mankind. ‘Less than’ will never build or uplift anyone or anything.

Our generation has spent money recklessly and invaded countries – in my opinion – irresponsibly. We have witnessed the theft of pensions and the absence of any security blanket. Perhaps our youth think – ‘Why bother?’

Why work themselves to death just to give money to a government that will waste it and save for a future that is unlikely to be there when they need it?

Every day we have the opportunity to show the next generation how to live with morals and dignity.

We can send the message that we can make a difference. We can instigate change, speak for those who have no voice – right now in America, that would be the middle class – and show the next generation that we do not intend to cripple them with a debt that is staggering to even imagine.

Or we can do nothing and wait for the swell of rage to take over as it has in other cities around the world.

Choose wisely.

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