Aah! What is better than an indulgent breakfast of coconut kahlua coffee and chocolate doughnuts? Especially at those times of the month when chocolate cravings abound. And to partake of such a treat is like starting the day in the South Pacific. I feel as though I should be surrounded by giant palms and rattan fans circling from the ceiling. I suppose a wicker chair and table will have to do.

Are there moments like this – simple and scented – that take you somewhere else?
Can a few meager confections and a cup of unusual coffee really summon the tropics?

I believe it can and does. However, I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis. As a yogurt, Special K, or peanut butter on toast gal, it’s not a habit that I claim to succumb to. But occasionally, it’s the best ticket to paradise – at least for a moment.

And experts say that if you can imagine yourself in a fabulous location, it is nearly as beneficial as being there in person.

With our vacation plans in flux, I am traveling via the sunroom until a time and place can be nailed down – again.

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite trip and what takes you right back there when you want to feel the vibration of that particular location.

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