Wilkes County Girls Little League Team

Friends have been asking when I intended to do a post on our own girls softball little league team.

“When they take the championship,” I have replied optimistically. “Otherwise, I would be dedicating the blog site just to them as they have been on a winning streak!”

That streak ended in Oregon last night, unfortunately, but not before blowing away much of the competition. And I believe they could have won if it hadn’t been for a series of errors that the team from Waco, Texas took full advantage of.
ESPN aired the game that we all stayed up too late watching. School started yesterday and I imagine the friends and classmates of these young ladies will be nodding off today at their desks.

But the defeat doesn’t stop the enormous sense of pride that we all feel for kids we know. And we are equally impressed with the coaching staff. Finally, someone decided that our population was too low for more than one team to be sent from the county – large in land mass but not in residents.

The result was a single county-wide team loaded with pitchers and raw talent. And it took them all the way through playoffs and on to Oregon for the World Series.

I never cease to be amazed by the thigh slapping pitching style of the girls – not something I ever did or faced, playing softball back when the earth was still cooling and dinosaurs interfered with plays at third base.

But our Wilkes County team made it look easy. They have represented us well and I think I speak for everyone when I say they are all champions to us.

Way to go!

photo by Doug Beghtel for The Oregonian

photo by Doug Beghtel for The Oregonian

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