This year, the only steady component of our vacation plans, is a propensity to fall miserably apart.

We planned to take two weeks in September and tour the American West. We looked at campers and found one we liked that was affordable. Alas, before we purchased it, events at my job prevented me from taking the time in September.

Back to the planning phase.

We decided on next week but not until last weekend. I found a great hotel – one with a spa – and started making arrangements. The plan was to fly west and cut the tour down to places we could fly over via helicopter and rent a car to drive to. But the hotel filled before I made the reservations.

Then people began to advise us that the desert in August wasn’t the best idea anyway. OK, point taken!

A scheduled inner ear specialist appointment, ended with my husband – who suffers with vertigo – having a treatment and then cautioned to avoid flying for at least the following week. In the event that it was unavoidable, he should be heavily medicated.

Um, today’s security at the airport and marshals on board flights, mixed with a heavily medicated husband that I would be handling alone, along with luggage and boarding passes – not a good idea!

Maybe we should just go to our little mountain cabin and take our horse – still at school – to do a little trail riding. Or cancel the vacation completely.

But we both need a break. And I feel like I could use some inspiration, something new and unknown.


Road trip!

I know I am the one who said she didn’t want to spend her days off driving around, but if hubby shouldn’t be flying and we have the chance to get away, I’ll make the best of it.

It is undecided as to whether we will be touring the northeast or midwest, but we are starting out at the cabin as it is on the stretch recommended for either set of directions. From there, we’ll decide whether to take I-81 toward the northeast or I-77 to I-64 toward the midwest.

So, stay with me and I’ll find some interesting locations to share with you as we take the unplanned vacation and see what unveils itself to us. One of the best spots I’ve ever been to – Chincoteague, Virginia – was discovered in just such a snafu, when Hurricane Hugo destroyed much of Charleston, SC and our reservations there as well.

Gayle King asked her audience last week if they were excited about leaving work for holiday plans as spoke energetically of her enthusiasm for the end of the work day. Well, my friends, today I am channeling Gayle and vacation begins as the work day ends.

And I am excited as I have no idea what is waiting for me in the days to come.

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