When we passed through the Missouri River Valley, sand bags still marked places where they had tried to control the rising water from this year’s flood. Much of the fields along the banks and even inland were bogged in water. I thought it might often be swampy, but my husband pointed out that it wasn’t likely with the irrigation pipes running to it. I must cede to the farmer.

This was verified by the ‘Water Over The Road’ signs and trees up to their lower limbs standing in water still. New ponds seemed to have formed in every crevice, even in traffic islands.

On an up note, another little known location is Le Mars, Iowa. Ice cream capital of the world – it claims – would draw me like an empty waffle cone if it weren’t so far back east of South Dakota and the place we intend to be tonight.

South Dakota took us by surprise. Wide open green fields and a sudden out cropping of trees. The visitor center had a stark tipi sculpture in a park-like setting and stone walls both interior and exterior, as well as informational signs about Lewis and Clark and the Missouri River.

My husband snatched up brochures on every possible South Dakota adventure. I don’t know yet where we’ll spend the night, although I doubt we will make it all the way to the Badlands.

TiPi Sculpture @ South Dakota Visitor Center

TiPi Sculpture @ South Dakota Visitor Center

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