Wyoming and Montana

We’ve been watching a spectacular sunset for over an hour. And whipping around beside, then behind, are swirling cracks of lightening. When they tell you that Montana is Big Sky Country, they aren’t joking.

We traveled from Rapid City, South Dakota through Sturgis and Deadwood. We had to trek up to Boot Hill on Mount Moriah to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane’s final resting place.

Then we continued into Wyoming and out to Devils Tower – an ancient volcano core. From there we got back on I-90W and through the towns of Buffalo and Sheridan before taking the 14A loop through Bighorn National Forest. All I can say is, you better have good brakes and plenty of film. The scenery is spectacular!

There is a distinct change in landscape in Wyoming. Miles of nothing but sagebrush – at least that is what we think it is – and very little else, turns into vistas of cliffs, tall and skinny pines, red hills, black rocks clear running streams through green bottoms, and the Little Bighorn River that still has the washed up remnants of the recent flood trapped between the bridge railing. Mule deer, grazing sheep and cows, and coyotes joined us for the day, as well as several fly fishermen practicing a type of fishing ballet across the streams. At heights near 10,000 feet, the air was clean and cool – 63 degrees Fahrenheit while it was in the nineties below.

Our intention was to get to the Wild Horse Refuge, but we spent too much time in Bighorn and are now headed for Billings.

But the real pleasure lies in enjoying the journey, not looking ahead too far and missing what is right under your nose. I’ll share a few pictures and you’ll understand.

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Wild Bill Hickok's Grave on Boot Hill

Wild Bill Hickok’s Grave on Boot Hill

Lake in Bighorn

Lake in Bighorn

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