Two weeks away resulted in a few too many take-out meals for my twenty-two year old son. He was ready for some of mom’s home cooking!

That combined with animal care plus my husband’s fall and subsequent need for complete care, has prolonged my ability to get organized. I finally finished the enormous piles of laundry and packed all of the linens, towels, blankets and afghans back into a plastic tub headed for the cabin in Virginia. The ironing has been done and the beds changed, the refrigerator cleaned out, the fountain cleaned, and the luggage emptied and returned to their shelves in the basement. But oh lordy – there is still so much left to do.

Piles of mail still taunt me from the desk and one room is stuffed with the souvenirs and gifts brought back from various locations. All of the pamphlets and papers and business cards I meticulously collected for interesting blogs about curious places are here somewhere. I even lost the hard back book I was reading and then found it exactly where it belonged – on the book shelf.

My floors need vacuuming, the glass needs cleaning, the furniture needs polishing, the garden and flower beds need weeding, and I need a mani-pedi more than you can imagine!

I’m still answering e-mails although I’m down to about 125 and the September bills mock me.

I’ve emptied every trash can in the house and took out about three bags full. But it is already getting late in the day and I must return to work tomorrow. Guess I’d better make the beds at least.

At least the fountain is clean!

At least the fountain is clean!

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  1. I know how you feel! My house really needs attention, but things have been so hectic lately, that it’s gone lacking.
    Maybe one day, we’ll get organized!

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