Early one morning this week, one of our neighbors was awakened by a loud pounding at their front door. Someone they didn’t know was standing there and concerned that it could be a robber – or worse – they called the police.

On foot, leaving prints through the soft grass in the morning dew, he was easily tracked through the field below their house and then disappeared in the forest.

No harm done, but it has left members of our community thinking about their own security measures.

We had a thief among us once before.

At first small things disappeared like cans of gas at farm sheds. Then he got braver. One of our neighbors came home to discover his garage had been broken into. Power tools were missing. Some things, such as his chain saw, had serial numbers. He immediately reported the theft and alerted area pawn shops and flea markets of the stolen items in the event they turned up there.

Sure enough, the thief attempted to pawn them and the police were able to apprehend the suspect and recover some of the stolen merchandise.

This is where the story becomes one of my favorites!

When the thief appeared before the magistrate on duty at the time of his arrest, can you guess who he was facing?

Yep, the man he had just stolen from!

We all know that anyone who steals from others isn’t the smartest person in the world, but this ranks right up there with those ‘stupid criminal’ stories we hear about on the news.


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