Almost a Bad Mistake

I had such good luck with the orchid my husband gave me for Valentine’s Day, that he gave me another one for my birthday. I have been so proud of achieving a second blooming of the first one that I felt confidant it was ready to repot – after all, roots were starting to grow out of the top of the pot. I even thought the new one seemed to be in a very tiny container and that I would put them both in one large pot – which I filled with my potting soil and prepared to stick both of the magnificently blooming plants in.

Thankfully, I didn’t proceed, but decided to look up the proper depth of repotting orchids as it was a new endeavor.

Wow! So glad I did.

Here’s the mistakes I avoided.

1. Never repot a blooming orchid.

2. Never repot a new plant.

3. Never, ever, use soil when potting an orchid.

4. Leave some roots outside of the pot so they can get air if the roots beneath become soggy or bound.

5. Make sure an orchid really does need a bigger pot before repotting – they like tight spaces.

Well, well. How close I came to breaking every rule about orchids and how to pot them. This is exactly why I thought I would kill it right from the start.

So, I put them both back into the garden window and stuck another plant that I had been rooting – actually, it just rooted itself in a vase of water that I had fresh flowers in – into the pot of soil. We’ll see how it goes!

Any advice is appreciated.



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  1. No advice from me. But, once again, I was reminded of my in-laws while reading your post. They grow beautiful orchids. My houseplants are few and far between, and nothing as exotic as orchids. So glad you researched before going ahead with your plans. Continued success!

  2. Good advice. I have killed two lately and I am waiting for them to resurrect themselves (someone told me they do that when you are about to toss them.) Also I’ve heard that if you put three ice cubes in the pot once a week that is all the water they need. Still no blooms but I’ll keep trying. Thanks!

    1. Oh no, killing two is not good. I almost joined you in that. The first one bloomed beautifully a second time and the one I got lost week is looking healthy, but who knows. Good luck with yours.

  3. I’ve sort of given up on growing indoor plants. I’m lucky if my Rhododendron makes it through the winter. Your Orchids ar absolutely beautiful. I just love them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Nancy for visiting and for such a nice comment. These are the only orchids that I have ever had and I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. It is different than anything else I’ve ever tried to grow, but the blooms last for months! Well worth the effort.

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