Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!Join the fun on She Writes!

A friend sent an e-mail asking for the secret code to yesterday’s ‘Blogger’s Ball’ post.  Entry is easy – just click on the bookshelf.  But why should you? 

She Writes is an online writers group of talented published and unpublished writers offering a plethora of information for those who read and/or write.  If you are reading my blog, you probably fit into one of those categories.

The ‘Blogger’s Ball’ is a week long event that encourages authors of blog sites to check out each other’s work and offer a little feedback.  I have found the participants to have information that I believe would be interesting to everyone – not just other writers.

Book reviews, writing advice, Alaska, plant care, photography, women’s issues, life – all there.  A simple click and you can find almost anything. 

And with so many blogs online now, this is a great site to start navigating from. 

I refer to my own blog as random and life.  Life is random.  One day we are riding high on the tide, and the next, picking crushed shell from scraped knees.  At least we can take the journey together. 

These women inspire me.  They are accomplishing what everyone who scribbles in a journal or anguishes over a draft of a manuscript hopes to achieve. 

Check it out!  You might find some inspiration there as well!