There is another season – besides Christmas – that has me in the kitchen cooking up treats and handy snacks.

And it has become as ritualistic with the repeat requests for the same items that I’ve been making for my husband and his buddies since we got married.

This is especially true for the long hunting weekends and entire weeks of male bonding over hunter/gatherer activities out in the forests and away from all of the city’s conveniences.

“It’s too far out to go into town just for dinner,” my husband says. He’s hinting for a lasagne and/or a chicken pie.

“We go to our stands really early and don’t want the scent of cooking food on our clothes,” he says as a way of asking for sausage balls. I know the ease of sticking a few prepared sausage balls in a baggie, along with a thermos of coffee and an apple. He’s been doing the same thing for years and it makes a crisp, frosty morning a little more bearable if he has a few treats in his coat pocket.

He doesn’t have to hint for sweets. I know he wants something made with peanut butter – either cookies or chew bars. And his friends have called ahead to make sure that he’s bringing them.

They usually stop at a store and get the staples for lunch – sandwich items and chips. So if I send along a few breakfast and dinner options, they are good to go! Some things can’t be pre-assembled as easily as a lasagne. For those things, I put together as many ingredients as possible, throw the mixes in a box with a recipe card and a disposable pan – think casserole or afore mentioned chicken pie – and they have an easy meal in very little time.

It’s just a little extra effort to make sure they can spend as much time as possible hunting the elusive ‘monster buck’!

Maybe it’s a southern thing. If you’re not a fan of hunting I apologize. I confess to being a bit queasy about it and know without a doubt that I would be a vegetarian if I had to kill my own meat. But there are many sports that I don’t participate in, so I don’t try to choose the ones that other people should engage in. I am only supporting my husband, son, and their friends and trying to ensure that they have some good food in the event that all they kill is time.

As the cross-stitch sampler says – ‘Deer tracks make mighty thin soup’!

It pays to have a back up plan – especially when we’re talking about hungry men.

Peanut Butter Bars

Peanut Butter Bars

Sausage Balls

Sausage Balls

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