There is much that is lost in today’s fast paced world – namely innocence.  And although we definitely want our sons and daughters to have all of the correct information, when to give it to them and who should share it are still points of view we haggle over.  I am not sure if this would happen today or if it did, if the recipient would feel as I did about it.  But this is my sweet, sweet story of young infatuation.

Cal – I’ll call him though that was not him name – had no money.  Neither did I.  We were both teenagers.  The difference was that Cal lived with his aunt and uncle and a house full of cousins.  His parents were in the military and they were trying to keep him in a stable environment where he could finish high school with his friends – at least that was my understanding of the situation.  I got the feeling that Cal would have preferred to be in Europe or Asia or wherever his parents were, but that too may just have been my youthful perception. 

So there was no money for Cal to have a car therefore he didn’t have access to a job.  And there was little privacy for watching a movie or hanging out together at his house.  But what Cal did have, was a great imagination and a little meadow by a creek that ran through the bottom of a field separated from his aunt’s house by a swath of trees.

To show his affection for me, he shared this place with me – in silence as I remember.  Then he left me alone on a rock while he went in search of something.  I had no idea where he went or what he was doing, but I thought the little cove was perfect and let my own imagination take flight.  He returned with something behind his back and knelt to put it atop my head, as chivalrous as a knight presenting the golden cup of victory to his lady and with as much pride in his efforts. 

It was a circular crown woven of clover blossoms, a white tiara as delightful as one made of platinum and diamonds.  He placed it atop my head, crowning me his special girl.  This was sealed with a sweet kiss and nothing more was expected then. 

Ah, tender youthful love doesn’t last and it was more infatuation than anything else.  But I still think about it as the sweetest exhibit of affection and marvel at how long he must have practiced before he attempted it with me waiting on him back at the rock.

So C is for Cal and his Crown of Clover and my remembrance of his Chivalry and Creativeness.