U is for Unrest

Weren’t we playing nicely just a few minutes ago?

These two run and play and suddenly it’s ears back and back up. What gives?

That’s like life isn’t it?

We’re playing pretty one minute and unraveling the next. Oh well. Claws in and fur settling down, they are buddies again in just a minute.

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  1. All your letters are so different. Each one a delightful read. This one makes me so glad that in addition to my facial expressions I don’t need to keep the body “language” of my ears in check.

  2. I love to narrate a photo like this:

    “Knock it off!”
    “You knock it off!”
    “No … you started it.”
    “Yeah well I’ll finish it.

    “Hey! Dinner!!!!!”

    they both scamper off together … MJ

  3. Harry and Zoe get “into it” at least twice a day. There is growling, nipping, yowling, barking, and body slams and then it’s nap time. Weird. Alex and I do that every so often too, really over nothing either. Then it’s nap time for us too!

  4. There’s never a dull moment with cats. They’re so unpredicatable. When you think they’re napping, they’re actually plotting. lol Fun photos and thoughts for the letter U. 🙂

  5. Women are so like felines, Renee! We’re smiling at each other one minute, and barring our claws the next! hee hee! I’m glad these kitties were able to make up and play nice once again! The A to Z challenge is going wonderfully! 🙂

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